global industry immersion

In line with our vision to build a better world through innovation, Fenston Lewitt has pioneered a global programme enabling the flow of knowledge and expertise between youths

8-week mentorship programme developing driven students into global innovators and thinkers

Fenston Lewitt’s flagship Global Industry Immersion Programme is a leading mentorship program providing global interns with critical industry expertise across several business segments. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to develop stellar individuals with cross-functional skills.

While this programme is complimentary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, admission is highly competitive. We accept applications on a rolling basis from students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programmes worldwide.

about the programme

Programme Highlights

Market Research

Gain a unique global perspective through a research project in a field of relevance. Pick up useful skills and knowledge, supplemented by our industry expertise and insights. Learn about the unique cultural sensitivities of countries and regions in relation to the selected field and takeaway new realisations about region-specific innovation.

Weekly Coaching

Each participant will receive two 30-minute coaching sessions weekly to supplement the research process. This will be through activities such as informal presentations as well as mentor sharings on the regional and local landscapes of the specific sector.


All students who are currently matriculated or waiting to matriculate in a pre-college, undergraduate, or graduate program are welcome to apply. We accept applications from candidates worldwide and fully committed to diversity.

As this is a mentorship program, the Global Industry Immersion programme is not remunerated. Upon completion of the programme, all participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion as well as a Letter of Recommendation.

We are looking for innovative minds with a enthusiasm to learn, and individuals who bring forth unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Successful applicants typically have huge aspirations and a willingness to realise their aspirations, and possess a demonstrated interest in their chosen field of specialization.

We accept applications for the programme on a rolling basis. To apply, please send an email to with a brief cover letter and CV.